Jerlagic: Party for B&H (SBiH) staying in the political Alliance

SBiH Staying in Coalition avaz.baAt yesterday’s session, the Presidency of the Party for B&H (SBiH) reached a decision that this party is to stay in political alliance of the parliamentary majority with the block SDA and A-SDA, as it was done three months ago.

President of SBiH Amer Jerlagic stated for the press that this party will support the Reform Agenda and all laws regarding the Reform Agenda. Moreover, it will support the British-German initiative and stay consistent to the implementation of all regulations related to that initiative.

“We will be a part of this pro-Bosnian alliance, and in a way also be a connective tissue regarding pro-Bosnian alliance and Bosniak unity, because we consider it is our patriotic obligation and that it is a part of the statesmanlike policy which is the heritage of the Party for B&H”, Jerlagic stated.

Jerlagic highlighted that, when there were no indications on the new coalition between SDA and SBB, the Party for B&H jumped in to provide the biggest and the most difficult law, the Labor law, “in order for the wheel to start moving forward instead of stopping and start moving backwards”.

Regarding the path of B&H towards the EU and NATO, the Party for B&H supports all activities and the harmonization of laws between B&H and the EU.

(Source: novovrijeme.ba/ photo avaz)

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