Jews around the World welcomed Hanukkah

Jews around the world welcome Hanukkah on December 2nd, one of the largest Jewish holidays during the year. At the time of the holiday, the believers remember the times from 167 years BCE, when the Jews were freed from the Greek conqueror.

According to allegations found on the internet, the Hellenic king from the family of Seleukovići, Antioh IV Epifan, forbid the Jewish rites in the Temple and established worship of the Zeus the Olympic. This prompted the Jewish revolt, in which they were led by the Maccabees.

A legend remained from this time about a lantern which kept burning in the Temple, despite of the fact that there was not enough oil for it. The amount of oil found was sufficient for only one day or burning in the temple lantern, but the miracle happened and the oil lasted for eight days.

Hanukkah thus remained to be a holiday of light. Every year through the Hanukkah week, the Jews light the eight-armed candle holders called Hanukiahs, lighting one candle on the candle holder every night of the Hanukkah week.

The Hanukkah will last until December 10th.

According to the data published by the media in 2008, around 1,000 Jews live in BiH.

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