Rescue Exercise held on Igman Mountain

A demonstration rescue exercise showing capabilities of answering on natural disasters took place on Sunday on Igman Mountain, located 30 kilometres southwest of the capital Sarajevo.

In the devastated hotel on Igman Mountain, 57 members of Union of Mountain Rescue Services in BiH (GSSuBiH), members of European Union Force BiH (EUFOR) and Slovenian supervisors, showed the readiness in saving BiH citizens, GSS press release stated on Sunday.

Simulations of rescue of two seriously injured persons were carried out, afterwards rescue of 10 slightly injured, rapid evacuation of rescuer who was trapped during the collapse of the stairs and the helicopter transport of persons who were in a life-threatening situation.

The exercise finished successfully, proving that it is possible to coordinate defense and rescue services to act in synchronized manner, organizers added.

Organizers have pointed on the importance of willingness of services in the protection and rescue of human and material goods.

The mission of exercises is to create conditions for safe environment, timely and proper response to citizens of BiH wherever they are, organizers concluded.

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