Jump without Applause at 10:16 a.m. marked the 22nd Anniversary

bridge anniversaryWith the sounds of alarms for danger, throwing flowers into the Neretva River and symbolic jump without applause which was performed by Elmir Saric, today at 10:16 a.m. was marked the 22nd anniversary of the destruction of the Old Bridge in Mostar.

As every year, Diving Club “MoStari” marked the anniversary of the destruction of the Old Bridge in Mostar just in time when the most recognizable arch of the Old Bridge crashed into the Neretva River back in 1993.

“We know very well how it was like to live for 11 years without the Old Bridge, but we must not forget what happened in order to never, ever happen again,” said Sasa Orucevic on behalf of the Divers of the Club ‘MoStari’.

With the desire that this history of the events from 1993 never happens again, many citizens today reminded on these events in the discussions in many homes as well as on the reconstructed old bridge.

“This is the memory of an old bridge that stood for 427 years and we hope that this new Old Bridge will last longer than the previous one. We have imagined this old bridge as a living being. We spent our youth, childhood and old age here. Whoever stepped at the old bridge and came here has to re-visit it again,” said Emir Balic, who stands for the champion of jumps from the Old Bridge with the biggest number of victories.

(Source: klix.ba)

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