The First Forum of Bosniaks from B&H and the Diaspora holds in Linz

forumThe 3rd Traditional meeting of Bosniaks in Upper Austria was held last weekend in the Austrian city of Linz, organized by the Bosnian Jamaat Djerzelez Alija and Hrnjica Mujo.

This year, for the first time, this gathering was crowned with the Forum of Bosniaks, who are successful in business, economy, science, culture and sports. More than 90 participants from Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Turkey, Slovenia and B&H attended the Forum.

Besides the present participants of the Forum, mayors of several municipalities in B&H addressed the attendees, such as Prime Minister of USC Izudin Saracevic, vice president of the National Assembly of RS Senad Bratic, as well as the representatives of the city of Linz. Apart from the government representatives, businessmen and other successful Bosniaks, the President of the Association “Buy and Use Domestic” Admir Kapo and Secretary General of the Foreign Trade Chamber of B&H Nihad Bajramovic addressed the attendees as well.

The proposals and ways to resolve issues in our country were discussed on the Forum, as well as how successful Bosniaks overcome these barriers in their countries. A great interest of Bosnian businessmen to invest in their home country was noted during the presentation. With the willingness of government representatives on the local levels to ensure the safety, all conditions, and projects on the one hand, and successful Bosniaks from the diaspora who want to invest in their country on the other, objectives of the Forum were achieved and they expressed desire to organize another forum of this kind as soon as possible, where specific projects will be represented, as well as proposals and ideas for their realization.

“With the organization of the Forum and the meeting of Bosniaks in Upper Austria, Jamaat Linz proved its capability and maturity to handle this challenge and started one process from which we can expect positive changes in our country. Primarily, our desire was to make our guests feel comfortable and satisfied and to make contacts and acquaintances with each other, and each new proposal represents task for us to implement it until the next meeting,” said Muamer Ljubijankic, president of the mosque council, the organizer and initiator of the event.

(Source: novovrijeme.ba)


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