Kazani in Narrow Canyon in Zeljeznica River (video)

Not far from the source of Zeljeznica River, Kazani was formed, where the water, after several hundred meters of calm flow, made a narrow canyon in limestone. Zeljeznica originates from Godinjski and Hrasnicki streams.

Both streams spring at the foot of the Treskavica mountain and join near the settlement of Turovi, Trnovo municipality, not far from Sarajevo.  The most attractive place on Zeljeznica Canyon are Kazani, N1 news portal reports.

In this locality, for many years, with strong movement and the material it carries, the water has dug round depressions, cauldrons – pots in its bottom, in a rocky base, and it seems as if the water is boiling in those places.

The cauldrons are half to one meter deep, 30 to 70 centimeters in diameter, and are often found in the riverbed. This valuable natural phenomenon is also a significant tourist attraction.

The Zeljeznica flows through the most populated and most industrialized region of Bosnia and Herzegovina – the Sarajevo region.  Due to this, and due to the lack of care for the environment, the river Željeznica is one of the most polluted.

(Photo: AA)

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