Construction of the Longest Alpine Coaster in the Region starts on Jahorina Mountain!

Adrenaline fans will soon be able to enjoy the Alpine Coaster ride, which will be the longest in the region, and it will be located on Jahorina Olympic Mountain.

The installation is underway and is expected to be in operation in the middle of August.

As it was stated for news portal from the Jahorina Olympic Center, preparations were made, the material was delivered and is currently under construction.

“This adrenaline coaster will be 2.5 km long and the starting station will be at the large artificial lake at the top of the mountain, while the downhill station will be at the foot of the mountain on the plateau of Poljica. The trails of the longest alpine coaster in the region will pass through the most attractive parts of the mountain beside the adrenaline driving visitors will provide a unique experience of Jahorina,” was explained.

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