Kenan Dautovic is the New Mayor of Travnik

The Party of Democratic Action (SDA) declared the victory of its candidate, Kenan Dautovic, in the early elections for mayor of Travnik. SDA Municipal Board President Tahir Lendo announced on Sunday night that Dautovic had defeated Haris Kaniza in the election race, nominated by the Our Travnik Story coalition of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) of BiH, People and Justice and Our Party.

“Travnik got another mayor from the SDA and he will, be the mayor of all the citizens of this beautiful city of ours,” Lendo said.

12,827 citizens, ie 27.3 percent of registered voters, went to the early elections for the mayor of Travnik. A total of 47,782 registered voters had the opportunity to choose between two candidates for mayor, BHRT writes.

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