Keys of 80 Cars handed over to Disabled War Veterans

FB_IMG_1450898587886The Minister for Issues of Veterans and Disabled Veterans of Defense-Liberation War of FB&H Salko Bukvarević yesterday handed over the contracts, keys and cars for 80 disabled war veterans of 100 percent I group.

Vehicles are Seat, in white color, produced this year, and adjusted to the needs of end users.

Bukvarević highlighted that these activities are a continuation of implementation of strategic determination of the FB&H Government and the relevant ministry to not allow the reduction in achieved scope of rights of veteran categories.

“You and other fellow fighters are the most deserving category of citizens of B&H. we are obliged to treat you in accordance with that. This is one of the rights that is granted to you and it is our duty to realize it,” Bukvarević said.

Minister Bukvarević promised that he and the ministry he is leading will follow the level of realized rights and resolve other issues as well, in cooperation with representatives of this population. Moreover, he said they are ready to legally adjust these issues together with the veterans, offer them to the Government and the Parliament, and expressed belief that the goal will be achieved in this way – bringing back the dignity to the veteran category, the people who were ready to give parts of themselves and their lives for the freedom and defense of B&H.

Total value of the project amounts to 1,912,200 BAM without VAT, and the funds were approved and provided with the budget of FB&H for this year.

(Source: klix.ba)

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