Wicker Furniture from Srebrenica winning the Market

Wicker Furniture slobodna-bosna.baWorking unit of the Brčko company “Ratan-sedia” in Srebrenica is successfully ending the third year of operating in this area with realized production plans, and they expect the financial result of operations to be positive as well, i.e. that the operating profit was generated.

This plant which employs 15 workers produces wicker furniture of plastic and aluminum, as well as different profiles of a mixture of wood and plastic which are used for floors, fences and other purposes.

Operations coordinator in this plant Vesna Mustafić said that the majority of produced furniture in this plant is made on demand for renowned buyers.

“Production of furniture on demand means that its shape, dimensions and amount are adjusted to the requests of the purchasers, depending on the needs and dimensions of spaces being furnished,” Mustafić said.

According to Mustafić, plans for the next year include the increase in volume of production, since that is required by the market demand for this furniture which does not allow the creation of inventories of finished products and working for unknown buyers.


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