Klif: Srebrenica Flower to Vucic is the most Important Picture of a Visit to Potocari

David KlifBritish Ambassador in Serbia, Denis Klif, said that the policy of Great Britain in Serbia and on Balkans is consistent and coherent, which is a contribution to the reconciliation.

In addition to that, Klif emphasized that the Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic ha such policy to other neighbors, which was shown by the meeting with members of the B&H Presidency.

Policy of the Government of Serbia is clear and it is a policy of reforms and integrations towards the EU and I do not see a change in that policy, said Klif, adding that one more proof of that policy is a meeting of the Prime Minister of Serbia and members of the B&H Presidency.

“I think that it is a sincere and positive step. Prime Minister of the Government of Serbia also has a consistent and coherent policy towards neighbors. I see the meeting with members of the B&H Presidency as a part of that policy. His first visit to the region was in Sarajevo, then he was in Zagreb and Tirana and also went to Potocari, I was completely shocked with what happened there, But the fact is that he was very positive there“, said Klif.

As he said, the most important picture of that visit was a moment when Mothers of Srebrenica gave the Srebrenica flower to Vucic.

“That moment is a symbol of reconciliation. When it comes to the reconciliation in the region, I would say that basically, we have the same policy and wishes as Serbia has. It is clear that, when it comes to the resolution on Srebrenica in the UN Security Council, we haven’t the same attitude, but it also happens“, added Klif.

(Source: novovrijeme.ba)

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