Kojovic stays President of Our Party until Congress

“The presidency of Our Party is unique and eager to get out of this stronger. They asked me to stay until September, until the extraordinary congress, when a new president will be elected “, said today in Sarajevo, after the session of the presidency of this political party, its resigned president Predrag Kojovic.

He described today’s session as touching and emotional. The issue of his resignation, which he announced a few days ago, will be resolved in accordance with the plan and procedure envisaged by the party’s statute, Kojovic said.

“I will participate in it in accordance with my abilities. This is my closest family. I am ready to give my maximum contribution in that transition “, said Kojovic, adding that all decisions were adopted unanimously.

According to him, there was no tension at the session. Irma Baralija, who is one of the vice presidents of Nasa stranka, attended the session via Skype.

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