Komsic: BiH was not given away, we have fought for it

Zeljko Komsic, the Chairman of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), stated that on the occasion of marking November 25th, the Statehood Day of BiH, one should remember the first session of the State Anti-Fascist Council of National Liberation of BiH (ZAVNOBIH) held in Mrkonjic-Grad.

“The statehood of BiH was renewed in the conditions of fascist occupation and terror of domestic quislings who were carried away by great-power and nationalist ideas and programs. Unfortunately, they have not been defeated yet, and they continue their policy of sowing hatred and destroying the state of BiH,” he told.

“Today’s features are attacks on state institutions. Attacks come from those policies that during the aggression on the Republic of BiH (RBiH), in the part of the territory they controlled, suspended ZAVNOBiH. First, they suspended it as a value by committing crimes against the state and its citizens, then officially through documents, “ he emphasized.

However, he thinks that this was not an accident.

“The principles of anti-fascism embedded in the foundations of statehood could be declared invalid only by the assembly which, like some today, wanted to place itself above the state and to disempower it from that position with the aim of destruction. The historical assessment of such a policy was given by the judgments of international courts. But, the verdicts only establish the facts and nothing more. It is up to us who supportthe state of BiH to learn lessons from it,” he said.

According to him, ZAVNOBiH contains another important lesson which says that the historical experience of the struggle for the state of BiH teaches that we must rely on our own forces first and foremost.

“Even this kind of BiH, which according to the Dayton Constitution continues its state-legal continuity, was not given to us but we have fought for this state. That is why we must never forget the following: whatever attacks on the state and its institutions are carried out, or whatever solutions about the definite ethnic division of the state are offered, none of that will happen unless we ourselves give up our state, ” Komsic noted.

“The fate of our state is not in the hands of those we ask for helpso often, but in the hands of those of us who live here and who will stay here no matter what happens. Supporting our state, unreservedly and without any calculation is a matter of our dignity. That is something that can never be taken from us, ” he mentioned.

“Its thousand-year existence as it is denying it in the best way and continues to do so. It will be continued even when we as individuals won’t exist anymore because a generation of Bosnians and Herzegovinians who have enough dignity, courage, and strength to defend the state and build a democratic society of equal citizens is coming and will continue to come. I believe in that, ” concluded the Chairman of the BiH Presidency, Zeljko Komsic.



Source: BHRT

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