HR Valentin Inzko to speak in the UN on Peace Implementation in BiH

High Representative Valentin Inzko is in Washington DC this week ahead of his briefing to the United Nations Security Council on the status of peace implementation in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In meetings with Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Matthew Palmer and other senior US officials yesterday in Washington, the High Representative briefed on the conduct and outcome of the eighth General Elections in BiH, the challenges ahead for the newly appointed authorities, and the international community’s engagement in the country.

“The people of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the international community have high expectations of the incoming authorities, which should be formed as soon as possible. Urgent and resolute undertaking of reforms is required for progress in the EU accession process if BiH is to deliver on its commitments to its citizens and international partners,” said the High Representative.

High Representative Inzko also stressed that focus on divisive issues and personal attacks during the election campaign, and a general lack of attention to real issues the country is facing, were regrettable. “A top priority needs to be the economy, and finding ways to reverse the trend of young people – the most vital part of the population – leaving in large numbers,” Inzko added.

In New York, the High Representative will meet with several ambassadors of permanent missions to the UN.

The High Representative is scheduled to address the UN Security Council on Tuesday, November 6th.

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