The Jericho Foundation helps Teens and Orphans from BiH get Internships

The Jericho Foundation is doing its part to make its mark on the world and change the lives of young people half a world today.

The Kalamazoo-based organization helps teens and orphans from Bosnia get invaluable internships and make connections with people and big companies in the United States.

Asja Zvoni was born several years after the Bosnian War, but she says her family struggled for most of her life. At one point in time, the 22-year-old said she was living in a small apartment with 19 other people. Her mother worked three jobs, and was constantly fighting to provide the basics.

For a long time, Zvoni said she didn’t think she had much of a future—until the Jericho Foundation gave her hope.

“Because it’s amazing out there in Bosnia to hear that someone really wants to help you and that really someone sees something special in you,” said. Zvoni.

Zvoni made her first trip to the United States over the summer, and proudly completed an internship with Stryker and Kalamazoo Psychology.

Several other big companies in the area work with the Jericho Foundation. Bronson Hospital officials say their partnership is amazing.

“It’s a hard thing to wrap your mind around sometimes… just how far it stretches and the impact that it has. And truly, Bronson is honored to be part of that,” said. Kyra Ward, a system HR manager at Bronson Hospital.

“I can see [the] future completely,” Zvoni said. “And my hope is stronger than any time in my life.”

Zvoni is attending college back in Bosnia and plans to get her masters degree. She says she wants to work with children, potentially as a child psychologist.

She is in the U.S. this week to serve as the guest speaker at the Jericho Foundation’s 15th annual Night of Hope silent auction and dinner. Newschannel 3’s Erica Mokay will emcee the event on November 2.

The proceeds for the auction and dinner go directly toward educating those in Bosnia just like Zvoni. You can learn more about how to attend here. 

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