Kotor Varoš: 20 million BAM invested in infrastructure

In the municipality of Kotor Varoš in the past four yours 20 million BAM was invested in projects of infrastructure.

Mayor of Kotor Varoš Dalibor Vučanović said: ”Thanks to the help of the Government of RS, the municipality of Kotor Varoš has become a great construction site. In the period to come we shall reconstruct the public water supply network and we’ll construct the water supply network in Zabrđe, worth 3 million BAM, and for the construction of wastewater treatment plants we need 3.3 million BAM”

According to Vučanović, the RS Investment-Development Bank gave 7.5 million BAM to the municipality of Kotor Varoš.

He added that Kotor Varoš became developed municipality in the last year.

Vučanović reminded that there is a plan of capital investments by 2017 that envisions the construction of the road Šiprage-Kruševo Brdo worth 3 million BAM, and the construction of bridge in Ćorin Lug worth 600 000 BAM.

He added that the plan of modernisation of street in the suburb of Kotor Varoš – Novo naselje will continue.

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