Kozljak: There will be no War, but severe Sanctions

“The perception of security and stability in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) is endangered, that feeling, the citizens are scared,” said Professor Alija Kozljak, former BiH representative to NATO.

Lately, there were serious indications of a direct threat to security, and thus to the stability of BiH, because these direct blows to the constitutional order are a direct threat to the state order, to the sovereignty of BiH, and it is obvious that both the international community and domestic officials wonder to whichextent the stability is at stake and whether action is needed. “

He explained that, if we are a member of NATO, the Washington Agreement explicitly says that any threat to the security of any of the NATO members is an attack on the entire NATO.

“I believe that now is only a political issue of BiH’s accession to NATO. By activating the Membership Action Plan, which really does not guarantee or oblige us to become a member, but it opened the door for us, it means that every next step is political on that issue.

When it comes to Milorad Dodik’s announcements about the formation of the Republika Srpska (RS) army, he pointed out: “I have no doubt that he wants that because he has to carry out these tasks and orders he received from both side mentors and he is going in that direction because, in a way, he was paid for it.But I don’t think it will be possible because any attempt to create any armed forces is a crime. If domestic institutions are not able to react, then one of the mentioned options of NATO will be activated. The alternative is certainly armed conflict.”

He thinks that we should not be worried that Palmer and Eichhorst have given up on negotiations on changes to the Election Law.

“It was just an initial attempt to defuse tensions in that way. A step forward has been made to unblock institutions.”

Photo: Slobodna Bosna


Source: Federalna

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