KS Minister of Education, Science and Youth: Communication via Facebook brings new ideas

KS Minister of Education, Science and Youth, Damir Marjanović since he became a minister, he started using Facebook, which thanks to good communication with citizens brings him new ideas for future activities.

He added the Facebook profile of the Ministry was created several months ago.

”The profile has photos of all the schools in KS we’ve visited so far, not to show Damir Marjanović likes to walk around schools, but to show them what capacities and what teacher do these schools have” , said to FENA Marjanović.

After visiting 33 schools, he admits that now, he has much better opinion about the primary and secondary education, than before he became the minister.

As a good indicator of Facebook communication he noted the Regulations on Employment, which is not according to Marjanović, perfect, but he is glad that everyone stood behind it and gave it a chance.

”A good part of that rule book is modified on suggestions of people who contacted us via Facebook. The same thing we experience with the Law on Higher Education. We don’t only receive positive comments; we also receive criticism about what is not right and what needs to be changed. Those people are a good source of ideas and they are, for the first time, aware what is happening in the ministry”, explained Marjanović adding that this work practice will be applied to all other future laws.

By the end of February, the Ministry will have a Facebook profile in English language.


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