La Violette: Pyramids in Visoko are the most Important Archaeological Project on the Planet

piramidavisokoEminent American physicist, Dr. Paul LaViolette, wrote an article about the discovery of the Bosnian pyramids, which was published in popular Australian magazine ‘Nexus’ in its March issue.

The article: ‘New Findings at the Bosnian Pyramid Complex’ deals with energy, electromagnetic properties of the Bosnian pyramids, which, for LaViolette, is irrefutable proof of artificial character of these ancient buildings in Visoko, and technological development of a civilization that built them.

He claims that “after a visit to the underground tunnels in September 2014, he became convinced that the civilization of the Ice Age in Bosnia built this underground complex as a protection from cosmic radiation which was bombarding the planet at the time.”

In his article, LaViolette highlights that finding of the Bosnian pyramids and discoveries of researchers working on the project every day, will fundamentally change understanding of the purpose, method of construction and age of these buildings.

piramide‘’I consider the excavations at Visoko to be one of the most important archeological endeavors going on at this time on our planet. I believe that this findings will one day completely transform our ideas about prehistoric civilization’’, wrote LaViolette.

In continuation, Dr. LaViolette recalls the difficulties encountered by the discoverer of the Bosnian pyramids, Dr. Osmanagić, in the process of discovering the truth about the largest and oldest pyramids in the world.

‘’I have the utmost respect and admiration for Dr. Osmanagić. For so long he has withstood discouragement of his detractors and moved this excavation effort forward in spite of being criticized and shunned by mainstream archeological organizations. He has also experienced great resistance from the local government which has passed laws preventing the excavation of everything that lies above the base of the pyramid, hence most of the pyramid structure’’, as pointed out by LaViolette.

Nexus Magazine is the world’s largest magazine that deals with the Ancient Mysteries, medicine, future technology, free and clean energy, climate changes, etc. It is published every two months, in eight languages. In its issue for March, 2015 (Nexus vol. 22, no.2) on the front page of the newspaper the photography of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun was published.

Paul LaViolette graduated physics at Johns Hopkins University, his master’s degree at the University of Chicago and his PhD from Portland State University. He is the author of seven books in the field of physic, astrophysics, astronomy and climatology. He is the president of the “Starburst Foundation “.


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