Lagumdžija and Moore on Current Political Situation in B&H

lagumdžijaDeputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of B&H Zlatko Lagumdžija and the Director of the Office of South-Central European Affairs at the US Department of State spoke yesterday on the current political situation in the US, with a special focus on the activities whose goal is to continue the progress of the country on the path to Euro Atlantic integration.

During the meeting, they said the cooperation between B&H and the US was very good at a bilateral and multilateral level, and it was pointed out that the relations between the two friendly countries is moving forward, but that it should be improved, especially in the area of economy.

With this in mind, Lagumdžija stressed the importance of the US, which is crucial for B&H in the World Trade Organization (WTO) in the framework of negotiations that is leading B&H towards membership in this international organization.

Minister Lagumdžija expressed hope that by the end of September, with the active role of the international community, an agreement on the “Sejdić-Finci” cause could be reached, as well as a resolution to the issue of establishing effective coordination in the process of Euro Atlantic integration, and an agreement on the issue of immovable defense property as a condition to active the Membership Action Plan that would open the door for B&H’s membership to NATO.

Moore emphasized the support of the US to B&H, especially its European and Euro Atlantic integration and reiterated that the support of B&H is clearly expressed through the entire previous engagement of the US, announced yesterday from the Press Relations Office of the B&H Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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