Lagumdžija Spoke With Lajčak

lagumdzijalajcakThe Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of B&H Zlatko Lagumdžija met with the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign and European Affairs of Slovakia Miroslav Lajčak yesterday in Bratislava.

During the meeting that was held in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Slovakia, they spoke of the political opportunities in B&H and the region and the conditions that B&H has to meet in order to speed up the process of Euro Atlantic and European integration.

Lagumdžija spoke to Lajčak about the expectations of the third meeting of the accession process of B&H, which is expected to be held on 1 October in Brussels. The main topics will be establishing deadlines for the implementation of ‘’Sejdić-Finci’’ and the establishment of efficient and effective coordination mechanisms.

They agreed on the need to reach an agreement on these issues so that B&H would continue its progress of European integration.

Lagumdžija said that the EU should be strongly engaged in this process, while Minister Lajčak expressed the full support of Slovakia for the European aspirations of our country.

(Source: Fena)

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