”Lamaruž” cosmetics at the Coca-Cola Sarajevo Holiday Market Fair

There are a lot of products and items in this years’ Coca-Cola Sarajevo Holiday Market Fair. The rich presentation of products includes souvenirs, clothes, cosmetics, jewelry, food and toys.

The Coca-Cola Sarajevo Holiday Market Fair also presents the house of ”Lamaruž”, a cosmetic company line which produces ecological soaps. The company ”Lamaruž” uses olive oil and adds various natural ingredients such as goat’s milk, lavender, cinnamon, honey, and essential oils in order to make ecologically friendly, beautifully scented aromatic soaps. These soaps are produced via a ”cold procedure” without oil or greasy additives. At the end of the procedure, ”Lamaruž” adds petals of aromatic plants as well as essential oils to enrich the aroma of the soaps.




(Photo by Dženat Dreković)

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