Large Party for Children held in the Pionir Valley in Sarajevo

Numerous children, young people and parents are traditionally dedicating one day of the spring to a large party that is being held in the “Pioneer Valley”, at which they welcome the most beautiful season of the year, spring.

Yesterday, the largest, most numerous and most beautiful this year’s spring story called “Welcoming the Spring” was held in the ZOO of Sarajevo, the popular “Pioneer Valley”.

Numerous visitors came to this recreational and entertainment center already in the early morning hours, and employees of “Pioneer valley” prepared an interesting content and a great entertainment program together with the agency Newevent and their other business partners.

However, after the winter period, the greatest attraction for children were animals in the ZOO, and besides lions, zebras, serval, monkeys and lamas, they paid special attention to the youngest members of the ZOO – babies born in the Pioneer Valley just few days ago.

In this way, The “Pioneer Valley” and the ZOO marked the beginning of the new season, since the props for children and entertainment program are available for use after the winter break, as well as the summer garden, all the animals will be in the open space during the day, children’s playgrounds will be open every day, and working hours will be much longer.

The Spring Party in the Pioneer Valley was supported by Fuze Tea, Violeta, Meggle, Cinema City and JUB.

(Source: klix.ba)


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