Number of Stecak Tombstones found in Kakanj much larger than expected

The number of stecak tombstones found on the territory of the Municipality of Kakanj is much higher than recorded in the previous research, as showed by the results of the last Project “The List of Stecak Tombstones” that is conducted by the PI Cultural-Sports Center “Kakanj”.

They found a total of 180 stecak tombstones In the period of about two months, until the winter break, and they believe that they will find about 500 of them by the half of this year.

“We found a much higher number of stecak tombstones on the locations that have already been researched,” said the director of PI CSC “Kakanj”, Aldin Sljivo.

He also stated that they researched each necropolis in detail and that this approach already gave some great results. He believes that, although in a poor condition, the necropolis will be arranged, and stecak tombstones will be protected in the upcoming period.

“This time we will do it a bit differently. We will arrange as many necropolises as we can with the money we received. Therefore, we will have all necropolises arranged and ready at one point,” stated Sljivo, and added that each stecak tombstone will be recorded.

He also announced that after they record all of the stecak tombstones in the municipality, they will also make a list of all of those that were taken from Kakanj. The two most famous stecak tombstones from Kakanj are Zgoscanski Stecak and Zgoscanski Obelisk, which are exhibited in the Botanical Garden of the National Museum in Sarajevo.

Stecak is a common name for a stone tombstone from the Middle Ages that was used in the wider area of BiH, the north-western parts of Montenegro, the western parts of Serbia and the southern parts of the neighbouring Croatia, mostly in the region of Dalmatia.

(Source: faktor.ba)






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