Launch of Project “Credo Krajina”, 250 New Jobs

An agreement was signed in Banja Luka yesterday for the realization of the project entitled “Credo Krajina”, which is financed by the Swedish Agency for International Development and Cooperation and implemented by the Agency for Enterprise Development “Eda” from Banja Luka in cooperation with the Association for Development NERDA.

The goal of the project is to improve competition of small and medium-sized businesses in the Krajina area, in order to create and sustain jobs, alleviate poverty and improve the economic status of this region.

CREDO Krajina would create 250 new jobs and formalize or sustain up to 1000 jobs in the economic sector that is covered by the project.

In addition to counseling support, companies that intend to create added value and create new jobs will be available for a special development fund of a million euros.

The project will last 30 months and consists of multiple phases and components

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