Lawyer Senka Nozica: There is a Threat of Illegal Deportation of Turkish National


Lawyer Senka Nozica, whose office represents Turkish national Fatih Keskin, who was arrested three days ago, commented for Klix.ba news portal that two decisions have been reached regarding Keskin.

In the decisions, it was stated that Keskin is placed under surveillance and that the right to permanent residence in Bosnia and Herzegovina is denied to him. Nozica explained that both decisions were issued on December 3 this year and that there is reasonable suspicions that the BiH authorities intend to illegally deport Fatih Keskin from BiH to Turkey.

“We have filed a complaint and even a lawsuit to Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina with a proposal for measures in order to prevent possible deportation,” Nozica said, adding that they have been in constant contact with dozens of international organizations, diplomatic bodies and organizations dealing with the protection of human rights.

The case has received a lot of attention from BiH and region and according to Nozica, the local public is upset.

“Citizens of BiH feel legal insecurity. If someone who is permanently resident in BiH can be deported in spite of that, it means that something like this can happen to any of

citizens of our country,” says Nozica. She believes that it is a grave violation of human rights and announces that the law team will take all necessary steps to protect the interests of Fatih Keskin, who was the director of Una-Sana College in Bihac.  Una-Sana College in Bihac operates within the Sarajevo-based Richmond Park Group, which is the legal successor of the Bosnia Sema educational institutions.

(Photo: radiosarajevo)

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