500 Robots for Mostar Schoolchildren donated by Business Park Spark

children roboticsChildren in elementary schools in Mostar in the future will have the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills through robotics. The Business Park Spark will donate 500 robots to primary schools in BiH as part of its project.

With this project, Spark wants to introduce primary school children to robotics, automation, and programming.

“We will donate 500 mBot robots to elementary schools and associations, which educate children of primary school age all across the country. With learning through play, we want to motivate children to gain the necessary knowledge that they will have the opportunity to show on the organized competitions within SPARKreators league,” said Andrea Cordas, the Director of Spark.

The deadline for applications for the competition is until the 8th of February and on the 15th of February will be known which schools will implement the league in their community. SPARKreators league will be implemented by SPARK school in cooperation with IRIM (Croatia) and EXIT center (Banja Luka, BiH).

With the league, they want to eliminate problems such as the inability of students to learn to program, to add robotics and automation in the permanent curriculum in schools and provide everything necessary for students to start coding interactive games, interesting applications, and dynamic animations.

“Next month we are coming to schools, we will train children to work with mBot robots, we will give you the equipment to implement the league. We will make sure to follow the progress in order for our training to have sense, that you gathered the children, and that you’re ready for the first round of the league, which will be held in April. After this, the equipment is all yours,” said Cordas.

She emphasized that a number of mBot robots will depend on the number of registered schools.

“We estimate that the project will include at least 100 schools and that it will contribute to reducing the gap between the education sector in BiH and developed countries. First of all, our desire is to give young people the most important tool for the future – self-awareness, critical thinking, technological literacy and modern approach to learning. Technical skills are a very valuable tool, with which young people can develop their own entrepreneurial projects. We want to educate and inspire them to create new lines of code,” said Cordas, adding that they started with 500 mBots, but that they will not stop there.


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