Let’s build new 100 kilometers of Highway!

BucoJasmin Buco, the newly appointed director of the PE Highways of FB&H, talked about further plans of the construction of highway on the Corridor 5C, ways of funding, as well as the cost of using the highway and the possibility of increasing the excise tax on fuel.
Government of FB&H appointed Jasmin Buco on the position of Director General of PE Highways of FB&H. Previously, Buco was executive director in the same company and he is very well acquainted with the current situation, as well as the future plans.

If we are talking about the plans in the upcoming period in kilometers, how many kilometers can we expect?

In the following period until 2020, we are planning to realize another 85 kilometers through loans from international financial institutions, and to initiate projects of another 62 kilometers that will be constructed through concessions. Of course, the fulfillment of this plan will depend on the effectiveness of loan borrowings that we have already started or that we are planning to start, from the income of PE Highways of FB&H and land expropriation.

Which sections will be constructed?

We are planning to continue with the construction where we have stopped at the moment, that is from Medjugorje to Pocitelj and later to Mostar, from the south Zenica to the north Zenica and more to Zepce Municipality, and from the river Sava near Svilar to the border with RS in Odzak. Other sections will depend on the dynamics of the adoption of the spatial plan and the income of the company.

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