Life of Roma People in B&H Through the Artistic Work of 10 Young Artists

Roma people in BiHEU info center (EUIC) in B&H organizes the exhibition of 10 young B&H artists, who through their art works and photos will present images from Roma population life in B&H.

Opening of exhibition will take place on Thursday 17.07.2014, at the premises of EU info center, at the building of EU Delegation in B&H (Skenderija 3a), in Sarajevo, at 18:00.

Roma population in Europe, as the largest minority has 12 million members. Very often, they live in difficult economic and social conditions, surrounded by prejudices and discrimination by members of the majority population. Therefore, the intention of the EU info center and of a group of young artists is to show to the B&H public what at first glance is not obvious, and to draw attention to the problems faced by Roma population in B&H.

Artists who will participate in this exhibition are : Adis Lukač – sculptor and painter, Safet Begić – painter, Mirza Rahmanović – painter and graphic artist, Rebeka Avdagić – painter, Denis Haračić – painter, Amer Hadžić – graphic artist, Nedim Šećeragić – graphic artist, Almir Alibašić – photographer, Asad Herić – photographer, Midhat Memija – photographer.

The exhibition will be open for public at the premises of EU info center from 17 to 24 July, every working day from 09:00 to 17:30.


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