Loan for CS for the Construction of City Roads approved

sarajevo cityGovernment of FB&H was introduced with the information on the loan application of the Canton Sarajevo for the Project of construction of city roads and supported the initiative for providing additional resources by taking the loan of up to 6 million EUR from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

Information on credit of the EBRD for this project, as the basis for negotiations, was accepted as well.

Federal Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Finance of the Canton Sarajevo will be responsible for appointing their authorized representatives for the team for negotiations on this loan. The final decision on the loan will be made after the completion of negotiations with the EBRD, and Canton Sarajevo will be the final borrower.

Federal Ministry of Finance will submit information on the negotiations to the Government of FB&H, as well as the text of the agreed contract between B&H and EBRD, and the conclusions will be submitted to the Ministry of Finance and Treasury of B&H for the implementation of further procedures related to the loan.

The South longitudinal is, at the moment, for the most part road with two lanes (one in each direction), with smaller parts where it is expanded to three lanes. Extension of the South longitudinal to 2×2 lanes will contribute to the improvement of the overall public transport in Sarajevo. On the part of the road where it is needed to relocate the building (Zagrebacka Street), integration into existing state will be temporarily performed, until conditions for the relocation of the residential building are created.

South and North longitudinal, together with the First and Twelfth transversal, within which was reconstructed and built Stupska loop as the largest transport hub, will completely relieve the main city longitudinal through which more than 60,000 vehicles are passing on a daily basis.

(Source: klix.ba)

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