Lower Bills for Heating expected after the Facades are done

12835052_1122317077819247_535843792_nImplementation of the project of warming the residential buildings is currently in progress in the Sarajevo settlement Alipašino Polje, in the street of Semira Frašte. It was found that there comes to an extensive consumption of heat energy as a consequence of inadequate woodwork and facades.

Works are being executed within the pilot project of warming one large building consisting of five connected residential buildings in Alipašino Polje-B faza, jointly financed by the Municipality of Novi Grad Sarajevo and the Ministry of Physical Planning, Construction and Environmental Protection of the Sarajevo Canton.

Given that the measurements conducted by the Cantonal Public Utility Company Toplane showed that the largest amounts of heat energy are being consumed in the settlement Alipašino Polje. It was also determined that the buildings in the street of Semira Frašte (13, 14, 15, 16 and 17) suffered extensive damaging during the war. Consequently, a building with 344 apartments was chosen for this project, in order to achieve energy efficiency and repair the war damage by changing the woodwork and façade.

In order to achieve the true effect of saving, an agreement was made with the relevant ministry that the allocators and thermometers are installed in every apartment in the coming period, as well as vents that will enable the citizens to control the consumption of energy and pay as much as they consume.

“This project is currently financed by the Novi Grad Municipality and the Ministry of Physical Planning of the Sarajevo Canton, but in the future we should develop more models that would include building managers, domestic and foreign funds, financial institutions and the like,” said the Mayor of Novi Grad Municipality Semir Efendić.

(Source: klix.ba)

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