Major General Waldner presides over last International Medal Parade as COMEUFOR

On Tuesday 27 March at Camp Butmir, Commander EUFOR Major General Anton Waldner presided over his final International Medal Parade and awarded the European Union Common Security and Defence Policy Medal ‘Althea’ to 90 military personnel.

Major General Waldner told the personnel on parade, who come from 6 nations, that inscribed on their medal is the Latin phrase ‘Pro Pace Unum’ meaning ‘United for Peace’. The spirit of unity among fellow EUFOR personnel was shared by Warrant Officer Peter Harsfa who works as the Receptionist and Administrative Assistant in the Chief of Staff’s Office, and Captain Vanya Mitkova-Kurtashka who is a Movement Control Officer. Both received their medals at the parade.

Warrant Officer Harsfa, from Hungary, said “We all have a close working relationship because of our shared experience as soldiers. We are all on the same team, helping to support the safe and secure environment in BiH.” Captain Mitkova-Kurtashka, who is from Bulgaria, added that she was glad to have participated in EUFOR. “It’s good to have learnt from others, to have shared experiences and to have built good friendships with my international colleagues.”

Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Turkey were the EUFOR Nations represented on parade. As COMEUFOR told them, the recipients should ‘wear this medal with pride as it signifies your service and your support to the EUFOR effort.

(Source: eufor, Written by Lt Cdr Sarah Wetherfield)

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