Majority of Citizens of CS support the Project “Bosnian Market“ on Dobrinja

Bosnian market DobrinjaIn just eight months since its opening, Bosnian market on Dobrinja, became familiar to the majority of citizens of Canton Sarajevo, and it is a result of the research of Global Market Solutions agency, that has been conducting researches related to the service quality in Bosnia and Herzegovina, covering a large range of activities.

This is just another confirmation that projects focused on the development of the domestic economy are recognizable and that citizens want to be a part of them. Realized as a part of the program “Move the Novi Grad together“ from the Chief of the Municipality Novi Grad, Semir Efendic, Bosnian market gathered producers of healthy and qualitative food from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina to one place, thereby helping the returnee population, but also strengthening the patriotic attitude of citizens towards domestic products.

With the aim of encouraging of the domestic production and businessman, Municipality Novi Grad launched a project of Bosnian market, where customers can find organic products of local BH farmers from returnee settlements.

Within the research, Agency included a satisfaction of the service in Bosnian market, and it turned out that the majority of citizens of Canton Sarajevo heard for the Bosnian market, however, a small percent (34% of respondents from CS) visited it.


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