Request for declaring 30th August as the Official Remembrance Day of Missing in BiH

icmpMembers of the Forum for the joint memorialization of the missing persons in Bosnia and Herzegovina handed yesterday a request for declaring 30th August as the official Remembrance Day of Missing in BiH to the Council of Ministers of BiH, Ministry for Human Rights and Refugees of BiH and to Parliament of BiH.

“Initiative to declare 30th August as a Remembrance Day for all those who are missing has a support of numerous associations of families of missing persons from the entire Bosnia and Herzegovina“, said the representative of the Forum, Ema Cekic.

According to her words, all missing, regardless of their name, religion or where are they from BiH, all of them deserve to be remembered with respect.

Date 30th August was chosen because it is at the same time the International Day of Missing, the day when people in countries all around the world remember those who are missing as a result of conflicts, crime or political violence.

Forum for the joint memorialization of missing persons gathers representatives of associations of missing from the entire BiH. This and numerous other initiatives is supported by the International commission for missing persons.

ICMP seeks to ensure the cooperation of Governments and other authorities in the process of locating and identifying missing persons due to armed conflicts, human rights violations, accidents and other causes, and provide assistance in carrying out these activities.

(Source: klix.ba)


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