Malagic: Wildfires that were Active last Days are brought under the Control

trebinje fire“All wildfires that were active last days, mainly in Herzegovina, Bileca and Bosansko Grahovo, were brought under the control“, confirmed the spokesman of the Ministry of Defense of B&H, Admir Malagic.

He said that the fire in Bileca is extinguished, and the situation in Bosansko Grahovo is also much better.

“With the help of Armed forces and helicopters, firefighters localized the wildfire that caught this area last days, thus we today have much favorable situation“, emphasized Malagic.

He added that a large number of smaller fires, on a smaller area and with a lower intensity, is active in several more municipalities, but local fire units  are managing to extinguish and localize them, thus there is no greater danger.

“Due to a high temperatures, there is still a great risk of new fires, thus we suggest citizens to respect all measures and not to burn weeds and anything else that can cause the new fires“, said Malagic.

(Source: klix.ba)

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