Manchester United Helping B&H Homeless Team

reprezentacija_beskucnikaThe famous football club Manchester United is helping the B&H Homeless Team in little football, and cooperation will continue next year.

Lindsey Claire, coordinator of the project stayed in B&H at the end of October, where we became familiar with the work of the B&H Homeless Team and its impact on the players and society. Then, in recent days we had a return visit to England, to FC Manchester United. They wish to help us, as well as all countries that have a homeless team, said Elmedin Škrebo, selector of the B&H homeless team.

The B&H Homeless Team will travel to England in Spring 2014, where they will have trainings, which will be organized by Foundation Manchester United.

On this occasion, they will visit all training camps that the Foundation MU, partner of the World Cup for the Homeless (HWC), implements with the help of 10 professional clubs, member of the Premiere League and Championship.

The aim of the B&H Homeless Team in 2014 is participation at the World Cup in Chile.


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