How many Citizenships did BiH grant in 16 Years?

pasos_bihBased on Regulations on granting BiH citizenship to persons of special interest to BiH in different fields, 244 persons in total acquired the BiH citizenship through naturalization in the past 16 years.

Although the naturalization process requires fulfillment of conditions such as reaching an adult age, permanent residence in BiH for the past eight years, knowing one of the languages, as well as waiving of the previous citizenship except in cases where there is a bilateral agreement with BiH, foreigners can become citizens of BiH through the process of facilitated naturalization.

Aforementioned conditions do not have to be fulfilled by persons who are considered persons of special interest for BiH.

“Since 2000, since the official record on persons who acquired citizenship of BiH as persons of special interest for BiH is being led, until July 2016 a total of 244 people were granted citizenship as persons of special interest for BiH in the field of sport, science, culture, economy etc.,” stated the Ministry of Civil Affairs of BiH.

On the other side, when it comes to the category of honorary citizenship, only the Presidency of BiH can suggest someone to become the honorary holder of the citizenship of BiH. However, since 2000 until today, no one acquired the honorary citizenship of BiH at the proposal by the Presidency of BiH.

Since the beginning of war in 1992 and until 2000, several persons were granted the honorary citizenship of BiH, some of them being professor of international law and author of the BiH accusation against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Francis Boyle, the chess player Gari Kasparov, French philosopher Bernanr-Henri Levy, and the musician Bono.

(Source: klix.ba)

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