How many Millionaires live in BiH?

NOVAC EUROAccording to the Central Bank of BiH, total deposits of the population in commercial banks in BiH at the end of September amounted to 10.25 billion BAM, which is the highest amount of deposits recorded so far.

In the structure of total deposits in commercial banks in BiH, deposits by citizens have by far the largest share of 59.6 percent.

This data sounds unbelievable in a country where around one million residents lives on the edge of poverty and more than 600.000 of them are in that category. According to the statistics, people in BiH live better and better as time goes by, and they save more money. However, the reality is entirely different. Namely, while more and more citizens of BiH move towards the poverty line, the number of multimillionaires in BiH increases.

According to all relevant analyses, around 30.000 residents of BiH are not starving only thanks to the food they get in soup kitchens for free. At the moment, there are more than 540.000 unemployed people in BiH. Especially dramatic estimation is the one saying that around 200.000 employed persons work for minimum monthly wage of around 370 BAM, and almost equal number of workers go to work and do not receive their wage regularly! There are approximately 500.000 retirees in BiH, and more than 60 percent of them have the lowest pension in the amount slightly higher than 300 BAM. Around 700.000 people go to sleep hungry – without a proper dinner.

However, BiH has the other face as well, the one that speaks of unbelievable wealth of a small number of people.

Research shows that BiH is home to 92 multimillionaires whose wealth is worth a little over ten billion BAM. According to international standards and methodologies, a member of this category is every individual whose wealth exceeds the amount of 30 million BAM.

Another interesting fact is that the number of multimillionaires in BiH grows. In 2012 there were 65 of them, in 2015 the number increased to 92, and according to all estimations by the end of this year the number will increase to more than 100. There are also 525 millionaires in BIH, who have one or more million BAM on their accounts in commercial banks in BiH.


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