Marathon Runner Mahir gathered more than the planned Amount for little Dalal

Marathon runner and a great humanitarian Mahir Mujic ran from Sarajevo to Banja Luka and sold his kilometers in order to help one-year-old Dalal Omerovic from Bihac, who needs bone marrow transplantation as soon as possible.

Although his goal was to gather at least 10,000 BAM, he stated that he managed to collect even more than he planned.

“My goal was to collect 10,000 BAM, and I managed to collect 11,052, 23 BAM,” stated Mujic.

As he noted, the collected amount will be transferred to the bank account of Dalal Omerovic.

“I went to the bank and requested for the total amount to be transferred to her account. I would also like to mention that the family of little Dalal Omerovic came to Banja Luka to meet with me and they gave me a little gift,” stated Mahir, and he also added that he is planning to visit this brave little girl who is suffering from the most difficult type of leukaemia.

This young man from Sarajevo started running on July 4, and he came to Banja Luka on July 7, for a great protest that was held for David Dragicevic and Dzenan Memic, young men who are no longer with us and whose families are seeking the truth.

Mujic sold his kilometres with the aim to help one-year-old Dalal Omerovic from Bihac, who needs a bone marrow transplantation.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)


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