Market worth over 70 Million Euros is opening up for Products from BiH


Aljbuljena Hadziu, a prominent member of the Self-determination leadership (Samoopredjeljenje) said that after taking over power in Kosovo, Aljbin Kurti will abolish the tax on products imported from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

She noted that Kurti would replace the fee with full reciprocity, with political, economic and commercial reciprocity.

Kosovo was once one of the most promising export destinations for BiH goods, but things changed dramatically when local authorities introduced 100 percent tariffs on products from Serbia and BiH late last year.

Bosnia and Herzegovina exported goods to Kosovo worth 6.8 million BAM in the first half of this year. For the whole of last year, exports from BiH to Kosovo amounted to about 142 million BAM, while in 2017 exports amounted to 163.5 million BAM, Biznisinfo reports.




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