Mayor of Sarajevo Received the Delegation of Lillehammer City, Kingdom of Norway

Lillehammer delegationMayor of Sarajevo Ivo Komšić, together with Deputy Mayor Ranko Čović received today the delegation of Lillehammer city from Kingdom of Norway, led by Mayor Espen Granberg Johnsen. Meeting was attended by the Mayor of East Sarajevo, Nenad Samardžija with associates.  The main topic of the meeting was the cooperation in the field of sports, considering the fact that Lillehammer will host Winter Youth Olympics 2016 and a year later Sarajevo and East Sarajevo will host European Youth Olympic Festival.

Komšić emphasized the importance of cooperation with Lillehammer.
“Your experience in organizing Winter Olympic Games 1994 will significantly help up that in the best and most efficient way to organize European Youth Olympic Festival 2017”, said Komšić.

Nenad Samardžija, the Mayor of East Sarajevo pointed out the importance of cooperation between Sarajevo and East Sarajevo in organizing European Youth Olympic Festival.
“This is the first time in history that Olympic games are being organized by two cities. However, we act as one and we would like that in this way to behave the higher government levels as well”, said Samardžija. Deputy Mayor of Sarajevo Čović recalled the support of Lillehammer to B&H during the war, and also their quick response in regard to recent floods.
“These kind of meetings are a link to the development of a trilateral cooperation between these three cities, which certainly will continue through promotion of various potentials of these cities”, said Čović, announced PR Office of Sarajevo City.

(Source: Fena)

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