Measures for Preservation of fiscal and financial Stability of RS ready

cvijanovicPrime Minister of Republika Srpska Željka Cvijanović stated in Washington that all countries of the region, including the RS, are facing certain challenges in the field of finances, but that despite all that the wages and pensions in the RS are being paid on time and major investments are being implemented.

Cvijanović also stated that the Government of Republika Srpska has prepared measures which will preserve fiscal and financial stability and which have been successfully implemented so far in accordance with the Reform Agenda and the Action Plan.

At the annual assembly of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, Cvijanović reminded that by introducing the treasury mode of payment of pensions from the budget the Government of RS has undertook a bold move based on which retirees, as the most vulnerable category of society in Srpska, are now budget users number one.

Cvijanović emphasized that one of the major tasks of Republika Srpska and control bodies will be fight against gray economy and unregistered work.


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