Medical Staff in Tuzla grows Vegetables for ill Children

Greenhouse Hospital faktor.baWithin the Center for palliative care, which operates under the University Clinical Center Tuzla, the medical staff placed a greenhouse where they grow vegetables for severely diseased children.

The nurse in charge of the Children Ward of the palliative care, Olivera Sadiković, says that this is a project of occupational therapy for patients suffering from cancer and other severe diseases, which is in accordance with the highest standards of European medicine.

“We got the greenhouse earlier this year from the Organization ‘The Strength of Women’ from Tuzla with the aim of providing quality therapy for mothers of the diseased children, but also for the children who are treated in our hospital. Thanks to the understanding shown by the Head of the Center, Dr. Samir Husić, the entire staff works in the greenhouse during break time. We planted vegetables that are to be harvested now and we use those vegetables for making food for the kids,” said Sadiković.

“Everything that is done for these children is humane, because we are talking about little human beings whose life is slowly shutting down or they are permanently tied to the bed. They are happy about everything that is done for them, so even the smallest attention is an immeasurable joy for them,” Sadiković added.

Around one hundred patients pass through two wards of the Center, majority of which come to therapy from their family homes, while the most severe patients are treated in the hospital.

“Good will can make anything, and we are happy to have the opportunity and place to provide therapy that meets the needs of our patients,” Sadiković concluded.

(Source: faktor.ba/photo: faktor.ba)

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