Meeting of President of RS National Assembly and European Officials in Brussels

The President of the RS National Assembly Igor Radojičić and European officials spoke in Brussels yesterday, and new initiatives led by the European Union in order to achieve an agreement on amendments for the BiH Constitution in the “Sejdić-Finci” ruling. It was also assessed that there exists hope that it is possible for this round of talks to reach an agreement, as long as all sides are ready for a compromise.

It is extremely important that a verdict in the “Sejdić-Finci” ruling be reached in the next month in order to launch the long-term dynamic in the institutions of the EU for ratification of the Association and Stabilization Agreement, and the subsequent filing of a credible application for an EU member state. This was said today at meetings between Radojičić and Luis Fernandez de la Penjo, the General Director for Europe and Central Asia in the Department for External Relations of the European Union, Doris Pack, and the Rapporteur in European Parliament for BiH and Ivo Vajgl, the Ambassador of the European Parliament.

Director de la Penja reminded them of the obligation to reach an agreement on a mechanism for coordination between the levels of government in BiH in solving the European question that is another requirement for a credible EU application.

They also jointly assessed the importance to organize a population census in October, and they spoke of the problems with the application of the Election law, registration of voters and strategies in the fight against corruption in the Balkans, announced from the Cabinet of the President of the RS National Assembly.

Doris Pack mostly talked about the Resolution of the European Parliament on BiH that should be adopted in the middle of April. Currently the first draft resolution has been presented, and in talks is the implementation of the amendment. The first draft resolution that was prepared by the Rapporteur for BiH objectively reflects the circumstances and assessment of the situation in BiH.

Radojičić spoke to Doris pack on a number of current events in BiH-the composition of government, electoral engineering problems in the local elections last year, conditions of the economic crisis, business registration projects in the RS, securing funds for refugees and displaced peoples, funds from the international conference last year, and main conditions regarding the implementation of the “Sejdić-Finci” ruling and mechanisms of coordination.

Pack, who is well aware of the situation in BiH, expressed hope that until the moment the resolution is adopted, when it would lead to discussions in the European Parliament, there would be progress that could be assessed in the resolution, which is a consequence of the annual report on EU enlargement for 2012.

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