Meeting Today Between Expert Groups and Representatives of FBiH Parliament on FBiH Constitution

A meeting will be held today with representatives of expert groups, which was organized by the US Embassy in BiH regarding the issue of reform of the FBiH and representatives of the Federal Parliament, confirmed by the secretary of the expert group, Zlatan Begić, for FENA.

Until now, the expert group had several meetings with representatives of the nonprofit sector and international organizations in BiH, and now it is necessary to hold a meeting with representatives of the FBiH Parliament in order to familiarize them with the process led by the expert group. Their stance on this issue will also be heard.

Specifically, the US Embassy to BiH gathered a group of renowned and respected lawyers and experts in order to assist in the progress of the reform of FBiH and to articulate specific options for reform.

The task group, says Begić, is to review the current situation and to identify shortcomings that are noted by the international community in the functioning of the system and the biggest problem, as well as to hear the opinions of citizens and nonprofit sectors that are affected by this failure.

Based on the data obtained by the FBiH institutions, nonprofit sectors and international and academic organizations in BiH, an expert legal analysis will be made, which will indicate the problems that are causing a dysfunctional FBiH government.

Begić explained that the expert group, on the basis of that analysis will draft an expert legal and objective recommendations in order to overcome these problems so that the FBiH system can become functional. This would be in the interest of the citizens of FBiH, especially those who finance this system by paying taxes.

Patrick S. Moon, the US Ambassador to BiH stated earlier on his blog that this group will review all proposals and recommendations made until now and, will carefully consider all options that would improve the functionality, efficiency and profitability of the system.

It will operate independently, and will organize meetings and talks with different individuals and groups, including the appropriate officials whose goal is to improve the FBiH.

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