Meeting with Representatives of the largest Domestic Companies engaged in the Import of Fresh Meet on Monday


Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of BiH Stasa Kosarac will organize a meeting on Monday, August 17, in Sarajevo with representatives of the largest domestic companies engaged in the import of fresh and chilled meat.

Minister Kosarac stated that the policy pursued by the Ministry is to support and preserve domestic production, from the aspect of protection of primary agricultural production, but also respect for international agreements.

“Our goal is to define steps that will help domestic producers, with an emphasis on the purchase of surpluses that have appeared on the market. We will seek solutions in accordance with the signed international agreements, but also with practices of the countries in the region. Some of these countries have adopted measures, which are the subject of our analysis and will certainly be the topic of the upcoming meeting with the largest importers of fresh and chilled meat in BiH,” said Kosarac.

According to the minister, when defining the solution, it is necessary to take into account the needs of primary agricultural producers for the purchase of market surpluses, market prices, but also to ensure the continuation of business activities of importers of fresh and chilled meat in BiH.


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