Mektic: B&H will not be affected by the Massive Influx of Refugees

Dragan MekticMinister of Security if B&H, Dragan Mektic, said yesterday in Sarajevo that several buss transporting Syrian refugees entered from Serbia to Croatia and that B&H will not be seriously affected by the massive influx of refugees.

He added that he will meet with the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Croatia, Ranko Ostojic for several days, related to the solution of this problem.

“If refugees enter B&H, their wish will be to go to Croatia and we need to agree about their welcome“, emphasized he.

He reminded that the Council of ministers of the EU, which held the session on 14th September, haven’t solved the problem of the influx of refugees, but that they scheduled a new session for 22nd September.

“The problem of refugees must be solved at the level of the EU, and B&H is ready to do all in accordance with their policy“, explained he.

“We are preparing and arranging capacities for the accommodation of refugees, which we will adapt in accordance with the real situation“, concluded Mektic.

(Source: klix.ba)

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