Mektic: There are no Terrorist Camps in B&H

Dragan Mektic“There are no terrorist camps in B&H where extremist could be trained, if they exist we would surely know for them“, said the Minister of Security in the Council of Ministers of B&H, Dragan Mektic.

In an interview jointly realized by FENA and the Agency of the New China-Xinhua, Mektic categorically denied media reports on the existence of terrorist training camps.

“It is impossible for such camps to exist without the knowledge of police forces in B&H“, said Mektic and added that there is a small number of citizens of B&H who are followers of the extremist violent ideologies, but also that he, as the minister, is personally satisfied with the security situation in B&H.

“I recommend Chinese, but also all other investors, to freely come to B&H, I personally guarantee their security“, said the minister Mektic.

Minister of Security confirmed the information that around 130 citizens of B&H were or are now on the territory of Syria where they are fighting in the forces of so-called Islamic State. Out of these 130, 43 were killed, while around 50 of them returned to B&H.

Mektic also reminded that four BH citizens are fighting in Ukraine, and all these warriors from foreign battlefields are facing the sentences up to five years in prison. Mektic repeated that the penal law was changed recently in order to treat going to foreign battlefields as a criminal offense. Currently, 19 citizens are  on a trial because of fighting in Syria, as well as because of the incitement for going there.

(Source: klix.ba)

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