Member of BiH Presidency comments on US Secretary of State’s Letter

Member of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Presidency Zeljko Komsic believes that a letter from US Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo, calling on the BiH Presidency to adopt the National Year Plan, should be seen as an additional boost for our country to accept the extended arm and the US assistance and the NATO Alliance to deepen reform activities in all spheres of social life that MAP brings.

“That process ensures long-lasting peace, stability, and, most importantly, economic development. Bosnia and Herzegovina and its institutions have already committed themselves to continue their journey to Euro-Atlantic integration through relevant laws and strategies, and we will for that path to continue, “Komsic said.

He pointed out that it is clear that BiH belongs to the family of European, democratic, pluralistic states that are gathered around common values and interests, and shaped by the institutions of the European Union and the NATO alliance.

“It is a high time for us to take our place in this family because there is no alternative,” Komsic concluded.

On January 9th, the US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo sent a letter to members of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina urging them to adopt the Annual National Program for BiH, which the NATO has made possible with its most recent decision in this regard, BHRT reports.

In a letter to the Presidency, Pompeo acknowledges the NATO Integration Commission that has drafted the Annual National Plan and urges the authorities to forward it to Brussels as soon as possible.

“This move will not predetermine future membership in NATO, but will have a positive impact on the transformation and modernization of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

He believes that the decision of BiH to join the Alliance is clearly emphasized in the existing BiH Foreign Policy Strategy and understands that there are concerns within the Presidency that a higher level of cooperation with the NATO could have an impact on relations with neighboring countries.

Pompeo added that BiH is of strategic importance for regional stability, and that, therefore, the United States wants and appreciates a higher level of cooperation with BiH, and pointed out that now is the right time to submit the Annual National Plan to NATO, Federal News Agency reports.

This step will also improve security in BiH and strengthen the reform process that is already part of the bid to obtain a candidate status in negotiations with the European Union.

“Therefore, I invite you to continue the activities undertaken by the previous BiH authorities and take advantage of the process of adopting the Annual National Plan,” wrote Pompeo in the letter.


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