Members of the FACP and Sarajevo Firefighters returned from the Mission in Macedonia

missionTen members of the Federal Administration for Civil Protection (FACP) and four members of the Professional Fire Brigade of Canton Sarajevo, who went to Macedonia to help after floods that hit Skopje and its surroundings, returned to Sarajevo, as confirmed by the leader of the team that went to Macedonia, Ferhat Ljuca.

He reminded that this team was sent to Macedonia on the 12th of August with five vehicles , and they’ve done a lot of work and people are very grateful to them.

“We worked in Ilinden industrial zone on water pumping and washing sidewalks and streets. We have also worked in the village Singelic, where we were pumping out the water from the basements, and we helped citizens in removal of bulky waste that was flooded,” said Ljuca.

Deputy Commander of the Professional Fire Brigade of Canton Sarajevo Omer Setic says that Sarajevo firefighters gladly answered the call for help from Macedonia where they stayed for 10 days.

“From Macedonia expressed the desire that we need to get the equipment, particularly the one that is used for cleaning and water pumping. Besides other assistance, they also needed fire trucks with equipment and manpower. Thus, the Professional Fire Brigade of Canton Sarajevo sent two vehicles with equipment and the crew,” said Setic.

He also noted that a similar situation happened in northern Bosnia in 2014 when Bosna River overflowed and firefighters from Macedonia came to help to our country.

Also, Setic recalled that Sarajevo firefighters in 1999, when the earthquake took place in Istanbul, helped their fellow firefighters in the rescue mission, and they also helped their fellow firefighters in extinguishing the fire in the area of Jablanica and Konjic in 2013.

“Firefighters who are going to help do it in their free time, because the firefighters who are serving have primarily duty to be here because the top priority is the fire protection in Canton Sarajevo. We respond gladly to all calls that we receive. We do not look at which country, entity, canton, or the nation it is,” stated Setic.

(Source: klix.ba)

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